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June 06, 2015 - 08:38 AM

Rosie O'Donnell Praying Trump Does Prison Time After Term Ends

Rosie O'Donnell is just days away from being able to declare victory over her longtime nemesis, President Trump, and says the cherry on top would be him standing trial and going to prison. Rosie was at LAX Monday when she opened up about how she's… Permalink

Logan Paul Claps Back At Jake's 'Fake Fighter' Jab, 'Let's Box!'

If Jake Paul wants to run his mouth and call his older brother a "fake fighter" ... Logan has a simple solution -- "Let's box!!!" Remember, Jake recently gave his thoughts to TMZ Sports about Logan's upcoming exhibition against Floyd Mayweather ...… Permalink

Trump Acknowledges 'Traitor' Chant Aimed at Romney on Flight to D.C.

President Trump just seemed to back his supporters going after Mitt on his flight to D.C., publicly acknowledging it must've been unpleasant ... while piling on with more ridicule. DT brought the Senator up by name Wednesday at a rally protesting… Permalink

Serena Williams' Husband Rips 'Racist/Sexist Clown' Billionaire Over Criticism

Serena Williams' husband is clapping back HARD at a billionaire who criticized the tennis legend ... with Alexis Ohanian calling the guy a straight-up "racist/sexist clown." Here's the backstory ... Ion Tiriac -- the super-rich ex-tennis star who's… Permalink

Eminem Reiterates He's Sorry for Rihanna Diss, Calls it 'F***ing Stupid'

Eminem already apologized to Rihanna for an old leaked diss by saying sorry on his new track, "Zeus" ... but he's going the extra mile to show just how sorry he is. Shady opened up about the leaked snippet of "Things Get Worse" during a SiriusXM… Permalink

Rep. Cleaver Claps Back at Trump Jr.'s 'Amen and Awoman' Prayer Criticism

Rep. Cleaver says he's disappointed his prayer has been "misinterpreted and misconstrued" by people like Trump Jr. to "fit a narrative that stokes resentment and greater division among portions of our population." The Congressman calls his "amen… Permalink

Myles Garrett Daps Up Mason Rudolph After Game, Helmet Attack Forgiven?!

Hatchet buried?! Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph shared a handshake and exchanged pleasantries in a post-game moment Sunday -- something no one expected to happen roughly 13 months after the infamous helmet attack incident! Remember, it was in Nov.… Permalink

Snoop Dogg Responds to Eminem Diss on 'Zeus,' Calls It 'Soft Ass S***'

Snoop Dogg is finally speaking out after being dissed by Eminem on a new song -- this after Snoop kinda dissed Shady himself -- and it sounds like a good old-fashioned hip-hop beef is cookin'. The Doggfather left a telling comment on an Eminem fan… Permalink

‘Fresh Prince’ Star Janet Hubert Slams Lori Loughlin After Prison Release

The OG Aunt Viv is pissed ... this time she's taking aim at Lori Loughlin, claiming Hollywood's about to reward her -- after a super light prison sentence -- simply because Lori's white. "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star Janet Hubert's been railing… Permalink

Young Thug Says Jay-Z Doesn't Have 30 Songs People Know Off Top

Young Thug's latest stop on his Let's-Disrespect-Rap-Legends tour lands on the doorstep of Jay-Z ... whom he claims doesn't even have dozens of songs people know by heart, unlike himself. YT made the controversial comment on an episode of the… Permalink

Donald Trump Says 'Elitist Snobs' in Fashion Biz Kept Melania Off Magazine Covers

Donald Trump has too many grievances to count ... the latest being his anger that Melania has not graced a single magazine cover in the 4 years he's been President, and he thinks he knows why. Trump tweeted his outrage that, as he called her, "the… Permalink

Logan Paul Fires Back At Canelo Alvarez, You Spit On The Ethics Of Boxing!

Logan Paul is going NUCLEAR on Canelo Alvarez ... saying the champ has no room to call him "disrespectful" to boxing after testing positive for a banned substance. LP is responding to Canelo's recent comments to TMZ Sports ... where the 30-year-old… Permalink

E-40 Goes Off Early but Too Short Claps Back Hard on 'Verzuz'

Too Short and E-40 played their classic tracks, put down some classic dancing and told classic stories -- so yeah, the last "Verzuz" of 2020 was a West Coast classic. The Bay Area rap legends acknowledged their longstanding friendship from "BR" --… Permalink

Too Short and E-40 Ready to Ramp Up Trash Talk Before 'Verzuz' Battle

Too Short and E-40 don't want you to get it twisted ... they're buddy-buddy now, but there's gonna be plenty of smack talk leading up to and during their rap battle ... and it's already heating up. The Bay Area rappers joined us on "TMZ Live"… Permalink

Eminem Disses Snoop in New Song, 'Zeus' and Apologizes to Rihanna

Eminem's clapping back at Snoop Dogg in a new song after Snoop left him off his top 10 rappers list ... and he's also giving Rihanna a long-overdue apology. The Detroit rapper just released a deluxe version of his album, "Music to Be Murdered By -… Permalink

Jose Canseco Says Logan Paul Beef Stems from Bad Break Up with Daughter Josie

Jose Canseco is REALLY pissed at Logan Paul over the breakup with his daughter -- suggesting something scandalous went down behind-the-scenes. The ex-MLB star isn't spilling all of the tea ... but says the split between Logan and supermodel Josie… Permalink

Offset Responds to Snoop's Criticism of Cardi's 'WAP,' Says Lay Off

Cardi's husband, Offset, just weighed into the controversy over Snoop criticizing Cardi B for being too openly sexual on 'WAP' -- and his message is basically this ... dude, pause. We got the Migos rapper Saturday in Bev Hills, and asked him about… Permalink

Taylor Swift Drops 'Evermore' and Fans Hear Kimye, Tom Hiddleston References

Taylor Swift dropped her second album of 2020, setting fans on a rabid hunt for hidden meanings in her lyrics ... and some hear references to her Kim and Kanye feud and a failed relationship. "Evermore" features 17 tracks, one of them being "Long… Permalink

LeBron James Admits He Was Hurt By Kyrie's Clutch Comments, 'You F'n Kidding Me?'

"When I was seeing that and I read it, and then I got the full transcript and I heard it, I was like, 'Man, f**k.' I was like, 'Are you f***ing kidding me?' LeBron James is breaking his silence on Kyrie Irving's apparent shot at the Lakers… Permalink

Scottie Pippen Told Michael Jordan He 'Wasn't Too Pleased' With 'Last Dance' Doc

Scottie Pippen says "The Last Dance" didn't tell the REAL story of the '90s Chicago Bulls ... and he was so upset about it, he directly voiced his frustrations to Michael Jordan. The 10-part series documentary was one of the most-watched series in… Permalink


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